Beach Break Live Review

Just got back from a stupidly busy week. Had a gig opening up for DJ Yoda and DJ Luck and MC Neat (OLD SKOOL FLAVAS! haha) on the Friday, then opened for Athlete and Wiley on the Monday, and headed down to Beach Break Festival on the Tuesday!

Caspa and Rusko tore it up – especially Rusko. So energetic – lush to see. I always hate it when DJ’s just dont look like they give 2 shits. Andy C is like Rusko – always looks well happy to be doing what he’s doin. Quality. Night was completely ruined by Chase and Status being played at a stupidly low volume. I mean, it was so quiet it was nuts. Standing right in front of the speaker and was having full on conversations with people. Stupid behaviour. Gotta large up Dizzee Rascal. Even if u dont like his music, the man knows how to work the crowd. The response he got was crazy. Same for Hadouken – really good response. Was heavy. Due to gettin a bit carried away I completely missed out on the middle night! Ah well!

Footage of my set will be going up asap in Context MC TV Episode 3…. Had the fear when I went on as it was well dead, but once I got going, the tent soon filled out. Large up to everyone who came in and raved it up with me. Appreciated!


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