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Important Dates for your Diary….

MONDAY, AUGUST 3rd: ‘As the Sun Goes Down (Remix)’ COMING OUT


END OF SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER: ‘Mental Breakdown Music Tour’


Keep your eyes peeled…….

Context MC


Result: Ace and Vis Vote

So, yesterday, ‘As the Sun Goes Down (Remix)’ was put the vote live on air on the Friday night Ace and Vis show on BBC 1Xtra.

You guys voted to “pull it up”! Massive thanks to everyone who tuned in, voted, and showed their support. Really means alot.

Context MC Vote on Ace and Vis

1Xtra’s Context MC Vote by Ace and Vis

Yes yes

As many of you will have seen, my new single is due for release a week on Monday.

Well, today, on the Ace and Vis show between 6 and 7, they will be interviewing me, and the single will be put to vote. People can text in to vote to “puuuuull up” or “puuuuul off”. It people like it, it will be released on Monday. If people don’t like it, I will put out a different tune!

Make sure you tune in and let me know about the tune!!

Context MC


Sometime I come across stuff that’s too sick, and I gotta share it on here

Check this out – Top 10 NBA Buzzer Beaters of 2009

As The Sun Goes Down (Remix) (prod. by InContext) Coming Soon…

The eagerly anticipated follow up to ‘Is It (Rat Attack Mix)’ will be dropping on 03.08.09 (fingers crossed anyway!) Changing tact a little, before the dubstep drenched ‘Mental Breakdown Music’ due for release late September, this tune is set to be a monster to wind down the Summer!

On 03.08.09, the song will be placed up for lower quality download for free. For the full version, just wait until ‘Mental Breakdown Music’ drops at the end of September. Thought this would save people buying the song twice!

Keep ya ears to the ground for this. Its gonna be a beast!

As the Sun Goes Down Advert

‘Mental Breakdown Music Tour’ Autumn 2009

So, fingers crossed, ‘Mental Breakdown Music’ should be dropping late September, and to mark the release, I’m currently in the process of putting together a mini-UK tour. Free CD’s for the best skankers, and my live show. L.O!

So, I’m lining up the dates for late September/October/early November, so if any promoters are interested, get at me via:


Dates are already lining up nicely across the UK, so if you want to get me in YOUR city on the tour, then get at me.

Urban Exeter Booking Mix Up

What a day!

Found out this afternoon that I was on the flyer for an event called ‘Urban Exeter’ to MC for Benga and Zed Bias. I am without a car at the minute and after a mad scramble to try and find a lift for the 8 hour drive, was gutted to be unable to reach! Completely not my fault, and I’m sorry to anyone expecting me down there. Am definitely annoyed to not be able to come and perform.

I’ll be down that neck of the woods soon tho for sure

Context MC – Mental Breakdown Music

I can confirm that my forthcoming release will be entitled ‘Mental Breakdown Music’

It will be released Autumn 2009.

More information regarding the release, track names, artwork, release date, and second single off it, will be put on here before anywhere else as soon as it can be divulged.

Hold tight on ‘Mental Breakdown Music’ coming Autumn 2009

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