Mental Breakdown Music OUT NOW

Today, September 21st, marks the release of my latest offering – ‘Mental Breakdown Music’

Mental Breakdown Music Cover

Here is a brief extract from the press release:

“Mental Breakdown Music is the latest EP release by rising UK talent Context MC with a September 21st release date. More than just a compilation of songs, it is a chance to look into the mind of one the most lyrically and musically innovative artists of the moment. Featuring production from both unknown gems, and undisputed veterans such as Rob Sparx, the EP blends the brooding nihilism of dubstep, with the energy of grime, and incorporates a complexity and poignancy often shied away from in this genre……..”


1. Is It (Rat Attack Mix)
2. That Fear
3. Mental Breakdown Music
4. As the Sun Goes Down (Remix)
5. Headbutt Your Trainers
6. There Goes the Time (feat. Well Red)

Click here to download the EP in FULL for FREE!

Buy a CD from Myspace!


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