Mental Breakdown Music Review on Milkbar Records Blog

Large up all the MIlkar Records crew who have uploaded this quick review of ‘Mental Breakdown Music’:

Milkbar Review

Milkbar Records Blog Review

“Norwich, it is fair to say, has a burgeoning music scene; it featured prominently in a recent NME poll (#15) and has become something of a buzz city. Yet not all music fans are aware that, away, or even alongside, the guitar-based bands that are doing so well, Norwich has a thriving Dub scene with some acts and producers that rival any in the country. Arguably the finest of these is Context MC.

Familiar to those who frequent the nights put on by our friends at Get Low, Context has been making a name for himself nationally, with his recent single ‘As The Sun Goes Down’ receiving considerable airplay on both Radio One and One Extra, and he is a favourite of new music maestro Huw Stephens.

Context’s new EP ‘Mental Breakdown Music’ comes out on 21st September and is set to cement his place in the UK urban scene. Combining true garage delivery over a dubstep beat, Context shows incredible lyrical dexterity on the EP whilst also showing that his knack of penning a catchy hook with his previous single wasn’t a one off; almost every song on the EP could stand up as a single, particularly ‘Is It (Rat Attack Mix)’ and ‘Headbut Your Trainers’.

Context has a UK tour coming up to promote the EP, including some Norwich dates with the likes of Andy C, so try and catch him live if you can….”

Head over there to read what they had to say in full, and also to check out another side of music coming out of Norwich too….

Milkbar Records Blog Review


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