2010 Begins with Bookings with Hatcha, Skinnyman, Giggs and Devlin

Yup yup

So, gettin the year kicked off with some disgusting bookings in the fine city that is Norwich (with Martin Clark from blackdownsoundboy.blogspot.com supplying the quotage:

Thursday, January 14th: Po Na Na, Norwich with HATCHA

Facebook Event

“No one DJ or indeed producer can claim sole credit for dubstep . But when the history of the genre gets told, no DJ has ever had, or perhaps ever will again have so much influence over the course of the genre as Hatcha. It’s no overstatement to say the entire genre bares his stamp.”
– Martin Clark

Be there

Friday January 22nd: Karma, Norwich with KRYPTIC MINDS

Facebook Event

“As the flagship artists on Loefah DMZ’s label Swamp 81, their 12”s and album “One of Us” continue dubstep’s tradition for stone-cold halfstep, flying against the dancefloor’s natural urges for momentum and release. Instead they unleash fearsome sub bass assaults that lead listeners into an edgy otherworld and have become staples of sets by halfstep innovator Youngsta (Rinse FM) as well as Loefah himself.’
– Martin Clark

Then, in February:

February 11th: Po Na Na, Norwich with SKINNYMAN

Facebook Event

Fundraiser for Kenny Kulcha

Kenny was a loving father, tireless reggae ambassador and a friend to all. He died on 4th Jan in Ghana. The British Embassy have refused to help bring home his body. This is one of many events to raise funds to cover this and his burial. ALL PROCEEDS GO TO THE FUND.

February 25th: Waterfront, Norwich with GIGGS AND DEVLIN

No quotes needed

Tickets selling out FAST

Over 14s

Ticket Box Office


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