Context MC ‘Feeling Alone’ Blog Buzz

It’s been a few days since Charlie Sloth premiered it on BBC 1Xtra’s Hip Hop M1X Show, and already ‘Feeling Alone’ (feat. Genesis Elijah and Well Red) is generating a wicked blog buzz online

Thanks to everyone posting the song on their website/blog and helping spread the word

Rebel Without a Pause (Rahul Verman) One to Watch,Hip Hop Kings,London To MK,Ragggs,Stand Up UK,It’s a Rap,UK All Day,Hip Hop Chronicle,TeamSupreme Music,Bread for Butter,GrooveTEK (US),B Somebody TV,T Leevz’s Blog, Rapsploitation Sessions

Radio Support:

BBC 1Xtra,Sian and Julie’s Mewzikbox: Rinse FM,BBC Norfolk Introducing

SAFE to you all

Lets keep it moving!


One thought on “Context MC ‘Feeling Alone’ Blog Buzz

  1. Danielson says:

    no worries bro, hope to hear more from you soon.

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