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‘Off With Their Heads’ accepted by MTV!

OK, so last week I got the kind of email that most artists in my position assume will never arrive/is an urban myth. But, it actually arrived in my inbox. Here is what I saw!

Re-read it. I was gassing. Shout out to the legends at MTV that contributed towards this email occuring, and of course, to Kieran Yates. I’ve DM’d necessary parties ;)

Beyond encouraging that hard work can pay off

So yeah, all that was required was a quick re-edit and to fire it off to them. I then got the email today confirming that it had been requested for airplay as of their acquisition meeting today.

Crazy time. Onwards and upwards! When I hear word re: screening times etc, I’ll of course update


Streets on Demand Editorial and some Thank You’s

Following on from my interview with MTV’s ‘The Wrap Up’ yesterday, today I’ve got an editorial with Streets on Demand. Ridiculously well constructed and thought out interview so big up to Kara (@KaraY_OH) and Bea (@BeaW12) for the link up. Click here to head over to Streets on Demand to read the editorial

I also just wanted add a few words. It’s been exactly a week now since the video was debuted by RWD, and I have been blown away by the response. 9000 YouTube views, countless Facebook Share’s and RT’s on Twitter, and I just want to thank every singe person who has watched and shared the video. Anyone who knows me will tell you how much I put into this music thing, so to see a response like this is really encouraging. I also want to thank the following websites for their press support – and the legend that is Kieran Yates for her assistance in this department – over the past week (click on each website’s name to see what they have put about me): MTV, SB.TV, Joseph Patterson, RWD, Laura ‘Milkteeth’ (BBC Radio 1), Urban Development, Official Mixtape Awards, Overrating the Underrated, B Somebody, Hip Hop Kings, Once Upon a Grime, The Hip Hop Chronicle, DJ MK, UK All Day, The Jump Off, The Noise Collective, Hip Hop Blog, Dirt Digital, Stand Up UK, Its a Rap (USA), and London to MK. Sorry if I forgot anyone, but big thanks to every single media outlet spreading the word!

Fans upload support for ‘Off With Their Heads’ on YouTube

Big up to these girls who facebook’d (if thats a verb!?) me earlier having made this! Madness! Lovin the support

Context Interview with MTV + Support from SB.TV and DJ MK at Kiss 100

Massive props to Joseph Patterson reaching out for an interview with me for MTV’s The Wrap Up. This is the first interview since the release of ‘Off With Their Heads’.

Click here to head over to MTV’s website and read the interview!

Also got to big up SB.TV supporting the ‘Off With Their Heads’ video by blogging it on their website:

Click here to heads over to to read their write up on the video!

Finally, big up to DJ MK at Kiss 100 for blogging about the tune today. Check out his post by clicking here.

OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO: Context feat. Vertex of Marvell – Off With Their Heads [prod. Slof Man and Elkat] + FREE DOWNLOAD LINK!

I EXCLUSIVELY gave RWD Magazine the exclusive of the full HD music video for Off With Their Heads this morning! Click here to see their post!

The video features some very famous guest faces, including:

Ed Sheeran
Jamal Edwards of SB.TV
JP (XXL, BBC Radio 1, MTV)
Kieran Yates
Genesis Elijah
Harvey Haydon (John Galliano)
Well Red…

The track is, as of now, available to download for FREE!!!! To get it, either click here to get it from SoundCloud!, or, alternatively, click here to get it from Bandcamp

Context MC feat. Vertex of Marvell – Off With Their Heads (prod. Slof Man and Elkat) by Context MC

Social Media Week Conference

Was at LIVE Magazine with Mr Rahul Verma the other week and he mentioned this he had been invited to be on a panel about the impact of social media on musicians/the music industry, so last night I headed down.

Was a quality discussion, chaired and organised by Sumit Sharma of Hip Hop Chronicle. The panelists were:

– Dave Haynes, VP Business Development, SoundCloud, a cloud-based music platform that allows music creators and professionals to easily distribute, share and stream audio over the web.

– Raj Kotecha, Managing Director, CreativeContentAgency, a comms agency focused on social and digital media. Raj is also an established DJ and blogger for The Lovesoul DJ’s and

– Babatunde Adefuye, Senior Writer, MTV Wrap Up, The official blog of MTV UK focusing on Hip-Hop, Grime, Dubstep and RnB.

– Rahul Verma, Music and arts feature journalist for The Metro, The Independent, and The Guardian newspapers, and various international music magazines including Mixmag, DJ and Rolling Stone.

They talked about:

– Who are the biggest tastemakers? DJ’s, Editors or Bloggers, and what do they each bring to the table?
– How do record executives keep a steady message throughout a campaign, and prevent online bullying?
– How do you get the whole ecosystem excited? Are there different approaches for different influencers?
– How do you stretch a marketing budget amongst all the influencers?
– At what point is copyright of music relinquished?
– Why have the Record industry authorities decided to clamp down on blogs now?
– How can artists, labels and media outlets work together?
– How are independent taste makers using new technology, like Spotify URL’s to push awareness

Apparantly the event was filmed so I’ll embed the video if and when I find it! But yeah, was a sick evening and got to meet some very cool people, and, importantly, had an unreal Keralan curry in Soho afterwards – big up legend Ravi Matharu

Context invited to Abbey Road by BBC Introducing

BBC Introducing invited me and a select group of unsigned musicians for a day at the famous Abbey Road and Maida Vale for a day on how to further our careers and to get some advice from some of the biggest and best in the industry. Over the course of the day we chatted with:
Steve Lamacq
Kaiser Chiefs
Zane Lowe
Mark Ronson
Tinchy Stryder
Calvin Harris
Pete Tong
and MANY more

Was a big day. Here are a few shots:

Me getting my Beatles on:

A live session with Tinchy Stryder:

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