Social Media Week Conference

Was at LIVE Magazine with Mr Rahul Verma the other week and he mentioned this he had been invited to be on a panel about the impact of social media on musicians/the music industry, so last night I headed down.

Was a quality discussion, chaired and organised by Sumit Sharma of Hip Hop Chronicle. The panelists were:

– Dave Haynes, VP Business Development, SoundCloud, a cloud-based music platform that allows music creators and professionals to easily distribute, share and stream audio over the web.

– Raj Kotecha, Managing Director, CreativeContentAgency, a comms agency focused on social and digital media. Raj is also an established DJ and blogger for The Lovesoul DJ’s and

– Babatunde Adefuye, Senior Writer, MTV Wrap Up, The official blog of MTV UK focusing on Hip-Hop, Grime, Dubstep and RnB.

– Rahul Verma, Music and arts feature journalist for The Metro, The Independent, and The Guardian newspapers, and various international music magazines including Mixmag, DJ and Rolling Stone.

They talked about:

– Who are the biggest tastemakers? DJ’s, Editors or Bloggers, and what do they each bring to the table?
– How do record executives keep a steady message throughout a campaign, and prevent online bullying?
– How do you get the whole ecosystem excited? Are there different approaches for different influencers?
– How do you stretch a marketing budget amongst all the influencers?
– At what point is copyright of music relinquished?
– Why have the Record industry authorities decided to clamp down on blogs now?
– How can artists, labels and media outlets work together?
– How are independent taste makers using new technology, like Spotify URL’s to push awareness

Apparantly the event was filmed so I’ll embed the video if and when I find it! But yeah, was a sick evening and got to meet some very cool people, and, importantly, had an unreal Keralan curry in Soho afterwards – big up legend Ravi Matharu


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