Streets on Demand Editorial and some Thank You’s

Following on from my interview with MTV’s ‘The Wrap Up’ yesterday, today I’ve got an editorial with Streets on Demand. Ridiculously well constructed and thought out interview so big up to Kara (@KaraY_OH) and Bea (@BeaW12) for the link up. Click here to head over to Streets on Demand to read the editorial

I also just wanted add a few words. It’s been exactly a week now since the video was debuted by RWD, and I have been blown away by the response. 9000 YouTube views, countless Facebook Share’s and RT’s on Twitter, and I just want to thank every singe person who has watched and shared the video. Anyone who knows me will tell you how much I put into this music thing, so to see a response like this is really encouraging. I also want to thank the following websites for their press support – and the legend that is Kieran Yates for her assistance in this department – over the past week (click on each website’s name to see what they have put about me): MTV, SB.TV, Joseph Patterson, RWD, Laura ‘Milkteeth’ (BBC Radio 1), Urban Development, Official Mixtape Awards, Overrating the Underrated, B Somebody, Hip Hop Kings, Once Upon a Grime, The Hip Hop Chronicle, DJ MK, UK All Day, The Jump Off, The Noise Collective, Hip Hop Blog, Dirt Digital, Stand Up UK, Its a Rap (USA), and London to MK. Sorry if I forgot anyone, but big thanks to every single media outlet spreading the word!


One thought on “Streets on Demand Editorial and some Thank You’s

  1. Ryan Maxwell says:

    Thanks for the shoutout mate. Big track!

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