*BRAND NEW* Context feat. Slof Man – Listening to Burial – Radio Rip: Premiere by Ace and Vis on BBC Radio 1Xtra

So today, sitting in for Westwood on BBC 1Xta, Ace and Vis exclusively premiered my BRAND NEW single, the follow up to ‘Off With Their Heads’. The track is called ‘Listening to Burial’ and again, has been produced by the wizard and all round top geezer Slof Man. The track is set for a May release date.

The story behind the track:

The mysterious, Mercury Prize nominated producer Burial once described his music in an interview with The Guardian as being:

“about when you come back from being out somewhere; in a minicab or a night bus, or with someone, or walking home across London late at night, dreamlike”

This single, the follow up to the MTV playlisted ‘Off With Their Heads featuring Vertex of Marvell, tells this story of Burial’s. It is the anthem to the walk home after a rave; the dreamlike, ambient city walk as the sun comes up. This is my tale of every weekend, and my tribute to one of the most emotive producers in music.


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