ShufSounds: Worth A Listen – Context

A Mr. Duncan Harrison Facebook’d me this link earlier. A very nice write up indeed! Click here to head over to the website to see the original!

“Worth A Listen:

Context, from Norwich, caused a stir back in ‘08 with the release of his Dialectics EP. The guy has the lyrical ability of Mike Skinner circa Original Pirate Material but is mixing in those atmospheric undertones to his tracks that are seeing artists like Dels and Ghostpoet making such major releases. (If you haven’t already- you must listen to Ghostpoet’s Peanut Butter Blues And Melancholy Jam). These releases are mascotting this leftfeild disturbance in UK Grime that seems routed in genuine literary flare. Context credits his university education as the catalyst for his word-smithery. His single Listening To Burial is out now on iTunes and it’s a treat. Keep a close ear on this Norwich lad. I know the grime-with-poetry appeal is one that’s a little tired since the rise and fall of Akala (2006-2010) but I think Context’s prowess is one he isn’t too aware of, making it all the more exciting for our ears.”


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