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This week on BBC Radio 1

As I’m sure you guys know by now, ‘Listening to Burial’ has been added to the BBC Radio 1 playlist as of tomorrow (Monday October 24th). I just wanted to let you guys know which shows are guaranteed to be playing the track, and at what time. This is what Radio 1 have told me:

Monday: Fearne Cotton (10am-12.45pm)

Tuesday: Scott Mills (4-7pm)

Wednesday: Dev – early b’fast (4-6.30am)

Thursday; Greg James (1-4pm)

Friday: Fearne Cotton (10am-12.45pm)

Saturday: Huw Stephens (1-4pm)

Sunday: Edith Bowman (7-10am)
Nick Grimshaw and Annie Mac (10pm-midnight)

Hope you catch some of the spins and let Radio 1 know you are feeling the track by texting in on 81199


Todays BBC Radio 1 homepage….

Look out for it being played everyday from Monday October 24th!

Context playlisted on BBC Radio 1!

Last week I received some news which, without wanting to sound like a bit of cliche, was honestly a dream come true. I received the following email (the blog appears to have cut some of the words off on the right hand side but you get the general gist(:

That is a genuine email. I couldn’t believe it. Those of you who have been following me will remember the insane email I got from MTV earlier this year which was in a similar vein, and now to get the same thing from Radio1 is honestly unreal!

Here it is on the playlist! Taken from the BBC Radio 1 website:

To coincide with this, BBC Introducing also made the track their ‘Tip of the Week’! Click here to read their write up of the track!

So, this means that ‘Listening to Burial’ will be added to the BBC Radio 1 daytime playlist from Monday October 24th, and will be getting support from:
Fearne Cotton
Scott Mils
– Dev
Greg James
Edith Bowman
Nick Grimshaw
Annie Mac


I want to take a few minutes to thank a couple of people who have been supporting the track from day one. Firstly of course to Slof Man who’s production genius is the backbone of this. At BBC Radio 1Xtra – Austin Daboh, Anna Nathanson, Charlie Sloth, Ace and Vis, and Mistajam all of whom backed the track. Tom Robinson at BBC6 Music, EVERYONE at BBC Radio Norfolk Introducing for backing me from day one, and, at BBC Radio 1, Joseph JP Patterson, Ally McCrae and Huw Stephens. Also, EVERY SINGLE PERSON who blogged the track, downloaded it from iTunes, shared with their mates, and generally enjoyed the music. This achievement is down to all of you as much as it is to me.

The BBC covered the news by running a news story. Click here to head over to the BBC News website to read it!

Roll on October 24th!

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