24 Hours of ‘Drowning’: Support

Context – Drowning [produced by Great Skies]

[Released digitally January 2012]

Just hours after going out live on air, the track has already been jumped on by the likes of:

MTV: “The garage/2-step/chilled-out vibe that the now London-based rapper keeps on dropping on us never fails to impress”

TOPMAN: One of Topman’s Tracks of the Month!: “Turns a deep tune about falling in love, into somewhat of an underground club banger”

RWD: “Context MC continues his ascent with his atmospheric new single”

LIVE Magazine: “No one on the music scene is making as many waves, especially with tunes that seems to have that timeless effect…expect to see his name all over 2012!”

Urban Development: “ambient and laid back dubstep never lacking of lyrical consitency”

Once Upon a Grime: “Context MC can do no wrong at the moment”

We Are SME

Digital Pirate Material: “it’s a big hook line and completely draws me in”

Hip Hop Kings: “I hold Context MC in high regard, not just because of his music ability but his work ethic and determination to reach new heights”

and more. Big up to each and every one of you!

I’ve also had a massive amount of lovely tweets in the past 24 hours since the track was debuted! Here are a small selection :)


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