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‘As the Sun Goes Down (Remix)’ out now in iTunes….

‘As the Sun Goes Down (Remix)’ has finally gone live in iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, and all other online retailers. So, if you want the full quality version, open up your iTunes, and splash out the pricy sum of 79p…..

They are sorting out the random border on the artwork as we speak!

Dont worry, the free version is STILL available for download too! GET IT FOR FREE BY CLICKING HERE



Context MC and Benga

Anyone in Norwich/the surrounding area should get down to Po Na Na tomorrow night for their ‘Bank Holiday Takeover Allnighter’ featuring myself and Benga. Theres a bunch of local lads down there too and should be a really mad night.

Here is the facebook event: click here

Time off feels wierd….

Been slightly absent for the last 11 days having been in the sweatbox of 38 degrees in Madrid. Wow, big old hot!

Anyway, back in the game and straight back on it. MC’ing for Benga on Sunday, and Mental Breakdown Music goes into manufacture.

Check the gig section for newly updated tour dates, with more still being added…..


Well Red

You”ll hear on ‘Mental Breakdown Music’ that there is an innovative collaboration with solo indie acoustic artist ‘Well Red’. Admittedly a bit of a change of tact, but if you are into acoustic, indie vibes, I definitely recommend that you head over to his myspace and check him out (which only actually went live about half and hour ago):

Context MC – As the Sun Goes Down – Promo Video

Don’t forget about the competition too!


Win a free copy of Mental Breakdown Music before it even comes out, and more…..


As you will have seen yesterday, the FREE version of ‘As the Sun Goes Down’ went live for download. So, to mark this, I am running a little competition.

To enter, simply email me or facebook me stating that you want to enter, and you will receive your own personal zshare link of the free version of ‘As the Sun Goes Down’. Then, simply give this link out to all of your friends to gain downloads. I will be able to access the zshare link to check how many downloads you have earned. Everyone who earns over a 100 downloads in a month, with be entered into a prize draw. The winner will receive:

1. The FULL version of ‘As the Sun Goes Down’ for FREE
2. A FREE CD of Mental Breakdown Music before it even drops!
3. A Limited Edition ‘Mental Breakdown Music’ T-Shirt

There will be bonus prizes for people who earn LOTS of downloads…..

Get in touch to play via:


Context MC

Context MC – As the Sun Goes Down (Remix) [FREE Download]


Here it is. The second single taken from ‘Mental Breakdown Music’ (the first one having been ‘Is It (Rat Attack Mix)’, called ‘As the Sun Goes Down’ is OUT NOW. Please download and enjoy the FREE DOWNLOAD of Context MC ‘As the Sun Goes Down’:


SAFE for the ongoing support!!

Context MC

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